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  1. General Trading Conditions
  2. Empowerdex BEE certificate
  3. Letter of good standing (COIDA)
  4. Tax clearance certificate


Customs licensed facilities

All Bidvest SACD facilities are licensed by the South African Revenue Services (Customs) and this has been in place since 1977.

Customs bonded facilities

OS and SOS facilities in all depots.

Remover in Bond Operator

Bidvest SACD is licensed to conduct the transportation of containers within the borders of South Africa.

Transnet Freight Rail approved Intermodal Operator

Bidvest SACD have been approved by Transnet Freight Rail as an Intermodal operator

Rail safety regulator certificate

All rail siding’s are regularly audited and maintained in accordance with Rail Safety Regulator requirements.

SANAS certification of container scales

All Bidvest SACD operations have container weighing facilities all of which are approved by SANAS.